Supported by Compassionate People, just like you.

Our Purpose 

TAP United is a support system and advocacy group, comprised solely of members who have one or more children with the disease of addiction, and parents who have lost a child/adult child from this disease. We provide support for the parents that is focused on giving hope with the utmost emphasis on Self-Care, while navigating through the devastation that is caused by the disease of addiction. We advocate for change in the current judicial approach of incarceration of those who suffer with addiction that is both costly and ineffective. We promote specialty docket courts emphasizing treatment and recovery as a viable and proven effective alternative to incarceration.                                                        

Our Mission is Simple

We are a group of parents working together, sharing experiences and unified in advocacy. We work collaboratively to effect change in the public perception of substance use disorder in order to advance the understanding that addiction is a brain disease which should be treated as such both medically and judicially

Our Vision

By working together, with other similar organizations, we will offer the support for the parents of those with SUD, or have lost a child to this disease, and bring meaningful change to the public perception of the disease of addiction.